Renee Helten is an active Real Estate Broker in the state of Colorado, an approved Trainer for Keller Williams and Market Leader and teaches the Annual Commission Update course for many title companies. In addition, she loves to help new and experienced associates alike take their business to the next level with classes such as the DISC personality profile, Time Management, and Knowing Your Numbers in Business. PLUS her real passion, teaching in laymen's terms, anything that has to do with the Internet and Technology and finding business through these resources. Which if you think about it is really about finding time and working smarter not harder!

Renee would love to talk to you about teaching in your brokerage firm, company or association--any of the above subjects or putting together a 1 or 2-day class of your choice ala carte.

Renee has many testimonials from students, managers and leaders, stating her classes are fun and entertaining, yet informational and action oriented!

Please email Brandon Woodyard for Renee's availability and to schedule the class  subject, times and dates today! [email protected]